Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Do you want to calculate body fat percentage of your body? With our calculator you can do so by simply entering a series of parameters related to your age, height, current weight and gender.

Once you fill in these data, press the calculate button and you will be able to automatically obtain your PGC or, in other words, the percentage of body fat.

How to interpret body fat percentage results?

Depending on whether you are a man or a woman, the percentage of fat in your body varies significantly, so here are the most recommended values for both cases.

Fat in men

Men tend to be more muscular so their fat percentage is slightly lower than that of girls. These are the most significant ranges for the male gender:

  • Less than 15%you are thin
  • From 15% to 20%your PGC is within normal levels.
  • More from 20%You have excess body fat and should take steps to reduce it.

Fat in women

For women, these are body fat percentages:

  • Less than 25%you are thin
  • 25% to 30% you are within the normal range for your weight and height
  • More from 30%you have excess fat in your body.

What is the relationship between body fat percentage and BMI?

Body fat percentage

As it could not be otherwise, the body mass index has a direct relationship with body fat percentage of our body.

In this case, the BMI is a parameter that relates our weight to our heightThe results of the test provide a numerical value that determines whether we are slim, at our recommended weight or leaning or tending towards obesity.

From our BMI we can calculate the percentage of body fat that will tell us the amount of fat in our bodyThe use of the same material, disregarding elements that do not compute here, such as muscles, bones, etc., is not included.

Normally, the higher the BMI, the higher the fat percentage in the body, although there are always exceptions. If you practice a lot of sports or go to the gym a lot, you may have very large muscles but a small percentage of fat. In these cases, it is best to have a medical specialist help you to assess your specific case as it does not fit the normal values.

If you want to learn more about body mass indexbe sure to visit our tool for calculate BMI and interpret the results obtained.

How to measure body fat percentage at home?

Plicometer to measure body fat

We have already seen that one way to calculate body fat percentage at home is to use our online calculator.

If you want an alternative method, you can do it with a What is it and what is it used for?  The plicometer or adipometer is the device shown in the photo above and is used to measure body fat accurately.

By measuring skinfolds at different sites, the plicometer is able to determine the % of body fat.

In the market there are several types of plicometers, from disposable or plastic for home use to digital or professional in case we have a medical practice.

Their price can range from 1.50 euros in the case of the cheapest plicometers to more than 100 euros if we want the professional ones. Here you can see all offers in this type of device to measure body fat.

Measuring body fat with a plicometer

The how to use an adipometer is very simple although it is necessary that another person helps us since we will measure folds that are in the area of the back and we have no way to reach them.

The folds to be measured to calculate fat percentage are the abdominal, suprailiac, subscapular, triciptal, quadriciptal and peroneal. There are 6 in total.

In each of the previous folds we will have to grab the skin with two fingers as if it were a pair of tweezers and pull it to separate it a few centimeters from the body. Then we measure with the plicometer in the area closest to the body and write down the results to apply the following formula that will allow us to calculate the percentage of body fat:

  • Man: 3.64 + (sum of the 6 folds in millimeters x 0.097)
  • Women: 4.56 + (sum of the 6 folds in millimeters x 0.146)

The result will be expressed as a percentage.

Body fat measuring scale

If you don't want to have such a precise control of your body fat and simply want to see how it evolves over time, there are many scales on the market that are already able to detect your levels of fat, water, lean mass and more.

Gone are the days of the old bathroom scales in which a needle marked your weight and you had to calibrate it manually, making them quite inaccurate most of the time. Today's are fully digital and some even have Bluetooth to connect to your cell phone and keep track of how your weight evolves.

Below we have compiled some of them for you best digital bioelectrical impedance scales on the market right now, and if you want to eat healthier, you should also consider the oil-free fryers as they allow you to cook certain foods with a much lower percentage of oil, which substantially reduces the amount of final fat in the food.

Xiaomi Mi Scale

Xiaomi Mi Scale

Awarded as one of the best value-for-money options, the Xiaomi Mi Scale tops our list of best bathroom scales.

Your glossy white design protected by a layer of tempered glass is very pleasing to the eye and its graphic display appears out of nowhere when we put our foot on its surface.

It has an accuracy of 100 grams and supports people up to 150 kilograms. Of course, is Bluetooth enabled and can be connected to our cell phone.whether it is an iPhone or Android.

Its price does not exceed 40 euros and user reviews are very positive, giving it a score of 4.5 out of 5. You can buy the Xiaomi Mi Scale here.

Withings Body Cardio

Withings Body Cardio

If you have a bigger budget (around 150 euros), you have the Withings Body Cardio scale that will not only weigh you and calculate basic parameters such as the body fat percentage or the amount of water in your body, but it also has a technology that is capable of measuring measure your heart rate and calculate your pulse wave velocity.

Both pulse rate and heart wave velocity are indicators of our general health and physical condition. Abnormal values can help us to detect pathologies such as high blood pressure, lack of elasticity in our arteries or inadequate cardiovascular health, which can lead to a number of health problems. risks to our heart.

Among other features, we must highlight its WiFi or Bluetooth connection, which will allow us to keep track of all records through the application for our smartphone.

Another detail that is very much appreciated is that automatically detects data from up to 8 personsThe family members can have their own individual profile.

Finally, we would like to comment that has an internal battery which is recharged via microUSB, so we will definitely forget about batteries.

The Withings Body Cardio bathroom scale is available in black or white and you can check the price on offer here.

Withings Body

Withings Body Bathroom Scale

You also have a simpler variant (and cheaper) of this Withings scale that only measures weight and the usual body parameters, so it dispenses with the ability to analyze our pulse.

All other functionalities such as connection WiFi, Bluetooth or recognition of up to 8 users are maintained so that the whole family can use it from their cell phone or tablet.

It is the Withings Body and it can be buy for about 99 euros here.

Tefal PP1200 Scale

Tefal Scales

If you want something simpler, with a good design and low maintenance, the Tefal bathroom scales PP1200 is the perfect candidate for you.

Its glass surface is very easy to clean and very thinIt can be stored under any piece of furniture so that it does not get in the way.

Supports weights up to 160 kg and it works with a CR2032 battery that will last you for a long time since it only has to power the monochrome display 3 centimeters wide that will automatically show your weight with perfect readability.

The best of this weighing scales is that its price just over 20 euros. It is difficult to find something better for this money without giving up an accurate measurement of your weight, something that this scale meets perfectly and that is why it has a score of 4.5 out of 5.

Inexpensive bathroom scales

Inexpensive bathroom scales

If you want something very economical, you have this cheap bathroom scales Etekcity's Etekcity marten that has satisfied the needs of hundreds of users in a very positive way (4.5 out of 5).

Its price is 18 euros and in return we will receive a scale with an accuracy of 100 grams and that supports people weighing up to 180 kilograms.

Its surface is made of tempered glass and is automatically calibrated every time we get on top of it. Its screen is made up of a Blue backlit LCD and the numbers are of large dimensions so that we can see the weight well.

As a gift, the scale comes with a measuring tape to record our body measurements and monitor how they evolve over time. The purpose is that every x days you measure the contour of legs, belly, chest and arms to see if our diet or training is having an effect.

If you are interested in a bathroom scale implement it to weigh you and that's it, you can buy this one here.

Measure the waist circumference with a tape measure.

Although it is the least accurate of all the methods we have seen so far for measuring body fat percentage, measuring our waist circumference with a tape measure can also give us an idea that we have more fat than we should have on our body.

To check it, simply place the tape around your waist, without clothing and without compressing the tissues as this would alter the result. Perform the measurement also when you have no air in your lungs as this also has a negative influence on the result.

If you have a circumference above 90 centimeters as a woman or 100 centimeters as a man, we recommend that you check your body fat percentage because you may be at risk for overweight-related diseases.

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