Calculate BMI

Calculate BMI It helps us to get an idea of whether we are at our ideal weight or if we need to make changes to improve our health.

The Body Mass Index is a parameter that relates our height to our weight, so we can know if we need to gain weight, lose weight or stay as we are.

Formula for calculating BMI

As mentioned before, the BMI or Body Mass Index is nothing more than a way of measuring relate our weight to our heightThis helps to quantify whether we are slim, weigh what we should or are overweight.

To calculate the BMI manually, we need to apply the following formula for calculating body mass index:

Formula for calculating BMI

In this formula, we have to express our weight in Kg and height in centimeters but squared.

In the same way, you can calculating BMI in children to find out if they are at their ideal weight or if they have a weight problem, either because they are thin or fat.

Calculate BMI for women by age

There are many people who want to calculate their BMI based on age and as we have seen in the previous point, the years of a person are not involved in the formula to get the body mass index of a person.

Therefore, if you want to find out if you are in your ideal weight based on your BMIIt doesn't matter how old you are, since the data is totally irrelevant for the calculation. In reality, however, it seems that the body mass index does depend on other factors such as age and sex of the person, although when it comes down to it, the formula does not take them into account, which can lead to a series of limitations or less accurate results.

How to interpret the BMI?

Listed below is the classification according to the BMI value obtained:

16.00 - 16.99
17.00 - 18.49
18.50 - 24.99
25.00 - 29.99
30.00 - 34.99
35.00 - 40.00
Underweight: Severe Thinness
Underweight: Moderate thinness
Underweight: Acceptable thinness
Normal Weight
Obese Type I
Obese Type II
Obese Type III

As you can see, it's easy calculating ideal weight from BMI. If we are below 18.50 points, then we are below the recommended weight for our height while if we are above 25 points, then we are suffering from different levels of overweight.

BMI evolution graph

BMI chart

The graph above shows how BMI changes as a function of height and weight. Ideally, you should be in the yellow-colored range as this corresponds to a normal Body Mass Index.

How to calculate BMI in Excel

If you want to using Excel to calculate BMIYou just have to follow the instructions that we made in the video above these lines.

To calculate the body mass index in excelIn the "Spreadsheet" dialog box, prepare a new spreadsheet with the following cells:

  • Weight in kilogram (cell A1)s: write what you weigh in kilograms.
  • Height in meters (cell B2): enter your height in meters, it is important that you respect this unit of length because if you calculate the BMI in centimeters, you will get a wrong result.
  • BMI: in this cell we are going to write the formula below:


Remember to adapt the formula to calculate BMI in Excel to the coordinates of your spreadsheet as they do not have to be the same as the ones we have used.

The most important thing is that in the end, the BMI in Excel The original formula is fulfilled and consists of:

Body Mass Index = Weight (Kg) / Height2 (meters)

If you have any problems with get your body mass index using Excel, write us a comment and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Is IMC the same as BMI?

BMI Calculator

Yes, the BMI means and represents exactly the same as BMI. although in this case, the acronym corresponds to its abbreviation in English.

BMI stands for Body Mass Index while in the Spanish denomination, we use the acronym BMI to refer to Body Mass Index, but in any case, both BMI and BMI are the same and should not be confused.

What about body fat percentage?

From the BMI you can calculate your body fat percentageAnother parameter that will help you to find out the amount of fat your body has according to your height, weight, age and whether you are male or female.

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