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Do you need a bitcoin calculator to know how many euros the cryptocurrency that is changing everything is worth? On this page you will find all the information about bitcoin, how much it is worth and whether it is profitable to invest in the currency of the future.

If you don't have bitcoins yet, from this page you can start to buy and sell them. you get 8€ for free to get started.

Euro to Bitcoin Converter

Below you have a euro to bitcoins converter so that you can calculate its equivalence immediately and taking into account the current cryptocurrency exchange rate.

The operation of the converter is very simple. You just need to type the amount of euros you want to convert to bitcoins and the change to bitcoins is done automatically:

Bitcoins to euros or dollars converter

In the same way as in the previous point, we have a bitcoin to euro converter to make the reverse conversion. Just type in the bitcoin calculator the amount of bitcoins you want to convert to euros or dollars and you're done.

How much is a bitcoin worth?

How much is 1 bitcoin worth is a question that many users are currently asking themselves, but as with any other currency, the price of bitcoin fluctuates a lot throughout each day.

The world of cryptocurrencies is dizzying and the price variations that 1 bitcoin suffers are brutal, although if we look at the long term, we can see a certain stability followed by an upward trend since its appearance.

Below is a list of how much a bitcoin is worth in different currencies such as the euro, the dollar or the pound, but also in other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin or Ethereum.

How to buy bitcoins and start earning money?

If you want to invest in bitcoins and start making money with cryptocurrencies, the first thing you should do is register here. It is a completely secure platform that allows you to deposit money and convert it into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC).

In addition, if you register and invest 85€ or 100%, they give you 8€ to buy more cryptocurrencies. There is no better and easier way to start.

It also has an app for iOS or Android so you can see the status of your investment at all times.
[currencygraph currency1="btc" currency2="eur"]
If you have not yet been convinced to investing in bitcoinsI recommend you take a look at the graph above in which you can see how bitcoin has gone from being worth almost 0 to over 4,000 euros. Expectations are high and it is expected that the BTC will continue to rise a lot during the next months.

Is bitcoin mining profitable?

No, it is not. I am not going to get technical and offer you hardware configurations to mine bitcoins because it is an activity with very low (or no) profitability for the small user and it will waste your time.

Instead of buying a 1,500 euro computer to mine bitcoins, I recommend that you invest that money in buying BTC.. You will probably come out ahead.

You will read a lot of information about the profitability of bitcoin mining and it may have been a profitable activity in the past, but the fact is that the rising cost of GPUs and the rising price of electricity make it no longer worthwhile.

What Bitcoin is for

Bitcoin Calculator

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is revolutionizing the world of currencies as we know it. It is the most widely used digital currency today and has a number of characteristics that make it very special.

As a currency, you can use it to pay in some online establishments, although you can also use it as investment deposits awaiting profitability of its steady growth.

Transactions made with bitcoins are completely anonymous. and irreversible. The money is stored in a wallet that is completely private and nobody knows to whom it belongs (you know it, but nobody else has access to it, neither the banks nor the tax authorities. No one).

Of course, at any given time you can convert your bitcoins to any other cryptocurrency or exchange them into Euros, dollars or any other currency you want.

We hope our bitcoin calculator has helped you and if you have any questions about this cryptocurrency, leave us a comment and we will help you solve your doubts.

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