Children's percentile calculator

Below you have a children's percentile calculator for height and weight that has been developed taking into account the curves provided by the World Health Organization.

For calculate your child's percentiles, you only have to enter your weight, height, age and select whether it is a boy or a girl. When you press the calculate button, you will see the results obtained.

What is a percentile?

A percentile is a percentage that helps us to relate our child's weight and height with respect to other infants of the same age.

In order to obtain reliable results, theWHO conducted a study involving more than 8,000 children from countries around the world. By calculating our baby's percentile, we are comparing his or her height and weight with the data of children of the same age who participated in the study.

 Percentile calculator, how it works

Calculate children's percentiles

Considering that the percentile calculator is a much more detailed way of calculating percentiles, it is possible to relate the child's weight to his or her age or heightits usefulness is limited to some specific values that you will find below:

  • Weight: between 1 and 35 Kg.
  • Age: between 0 and 60 months.
  • Height: between 45 cm and 120 cm

Above these values, we would stop using the percentiles and start relating the child's weight to his or her height through the BMI (Body Mass Index). If you wish, you can calculate your child's BMI online.

Therefore, for calculating the percentile in the calculator you only need to select if it is a boy or a girl and fill in the age, height and weight fields. Pay attention to the units as weight is in kilograms, height in centimeters and age in months.

How to interpret percentile charts

Percentiles are very useful graphs, but they require know how to interpret them properly if we want to understand the information they provide.

In this case, we have two percentile charts: one for height and one for weight. To interpret them, let's see it with an example:

  • If our child has a 42nd percentile for weight, it means that out of 100 children, there are 42 who weigh less than him while there are 58 who weigh more.
  • If for height we obtain a 25th percentile, it means that out of 100 children, 25 are shorter than him and 75 are taller.

Children above the 97th percentile are likely to be very tall or suffer from overweight problems, while those below the 3rd percentile are either short or very thin. In both cases, it is advisable to have the situation assessed by a pediatrician. to provide a solution if necessary.

Being in the limit values does not mean that the child is sick, but it is advisable to visit the doctor so that he/she can assess the baby's condition.

The most important thing about the percentiles is not the value we obtain on a point-by-point basis, but the value we get from the percentile to see how they evolve over timethe height and weight of our child so they can be related to each other.

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