Antilogarithm calculator

Calculates the antilogarithm (the opposite operation to the logarithm) of any number in base 10. Simplemente tienes que introducir el valor del logaritmo, presionar el botón de calcular y automáticamente obtendrás el valor del antilogaritmo o, según la siguiente fórmula, el valor del número "x":

loga(x) = y

Remember that if you want to calculating the antilogarithm of a neperian logarithmthen you have to use the exponential function since in this case, we have as base the number e.

How to calculate the antilogarithm

Antilogarithm formula

What you see above these lines is the logarithm formula y how to calculate the antilogarithm. Since it is difficult to explain with unknowns, let's see how to do it with a solved exercise.

Let's suppose that the base of the logarithm is 10, the formula to calculate the antilogarithm would be the following:

x = 10y

If we want to calculate the antilogarithm of 2, we do it as follows:

x = 10= 100

Does the result meet the equation above these lines? Let's take a look:

log10100 = 2 ↔ 100 = 102

As we can see, the equalities are fulfilled. If you have to co calculate the antilogarithm of some number and you don't know how to do it, leave us a comment and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

How to get the antilogarithm on a Casio or similar calculator

If you have a Casio calculator, puedes obtener el antilogaritmo con mucha facilidad. Lo más importante es que localices la tecla en la que pone 'log' y en ella verás que su función secundaria es 10x.

Now that you have located the key to use. Let's see it with a practical example in which we are going to calculate the antilog of 5. To do this we press the following key combination on our scientific calculator:

SHIFT + log + 5 =

And it will give us the result that the antilogarithm of 5 is 100,000.

Note that we have pressed the SHIFT key in order to make use of the secondary function of the log key, which is the anti-logarithm key.

Get the antilog in Excel

Antilogarithm Calculator

Excel does not have a concrete function to calculate antilogarithms so we will have to build it.

Returning to the point of how to calculate the antilog, we see that the formula is an exponential function whose value depends on the base. In Excel we can represent this in the following way:



  • a = the base of the logarithm
  • x = the result of the logarithm

Therefore, if we want to calculate the antilog of 1If we do not have an empty Excel cell, we have to write this in an empty Excel cell:


This would also have been valid:


Let's see another example in which we will calculate the antilogarithm of 3 but on a log of base 2:



In both cases we will obtain the same result whose value is 8.

We hope that with our explanations you will already know how to calculate the antilog onlinewith the formula, with the scientific calculator or using Excel.

Any of the three ways is valid, although if you are doing exercises for school or university, it is best to do it manually so that you understand the process well. Then you can check the result using one of the computer tools to see if you have done it right or not.

Do you have any questions about antilogs?

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