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We have set out to assisting people in everyday calculations and conversions that sometimes become a real nightmare, either because we do not remember a specific formula or because we do not have a calculator at hand that allows us to make the calculation quickly.

That is why we have compiled on the web a collection of the best online tools to try to help as many people as possible every day. But we have no limit, we will be adding more and more calculators to provide information from different areas, both everyday and at the level of secondary or university education.

  • Pregnancy calculatorsBecause being parents is always something special, here you will find a series of pregnancy calculators that will allow you to carry with more illusion the gestation of your baby. Solve all your doubts.
  • Health calculators: Calculators for health-related parameters such as weight, performance, BMI, liters of water you have to drink, daily calorie intake, etc.
  • Mathematical CalculatorsThe best mathematical tools and calculators that will facilitate the calculation of basic and not so simple operations, something very useful for exercises and problems at school, high school, university or work.
  • Unit converters: The unit converter you are looking for is here. At your disposal we have converters for distance, volume, weight, speed, time, colors, temperature and many more.
  • Home calculatorsMoney-saving home calculators in the daily expenses that occur in a home and discover new ways to enjoy your home.
  • Car calculatorsIf you have a car, then you will be interested in these calculators to save on gasoline costs and plan your trip. Discover all kinds of useful calculators for drivers.
  • Financial calculatorsFinancial calculators for basic data calculations related to day-to-day business. Calculate VAT, your net salary, currency equivalence, IBAN of your account and more.
  • Technological calculatorsIf you like technology and gadgets, we have created for you a whole range of collection of calculators and online tools very useful for all geek lovers.

How do online calculators and converters work?

We have used JavaScript for the development of all our utilities, a language compatible with all browsers and devices currently available. Precisely for this reason, for the moment we have not implemented the AMP technology that dispenses with any resource programmed in this language. As of today, it is a technology that is very green and that would mean that you would not be able to use the online calculators we have on our website.

If you ever have problems and the tool does not load, it may be because you are using Adblock or an ad blocker. We do not use intrusive advertising nor do we have a page full of banners, so please don't take away our only source of funding.

If you need a calculator that we do not have, ask us for it.

We have already said that we make new calculators and converters every day, so if you are missing a specific one, ask us and we will make it. In the contact section you can send us a message. We even have a Pokémon Go calculator so you can see the points of your Pokémon when you evolve it.

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Who are these online calculators for?

Faculty and students

In our online calculators and converters you will find a whole series of useful educational resources with which to learn to perform operations that are taught at school at different levels, from primary, secondary, ESO or even some of high school or university.

More than ever, children need to have a interactive learning and the explanations we offer together with the calculators and converters, make the set a very useful tool.

For example, we have a Roman numeral translator, calculators for all kinds of mathematical operations, percentage calculatorand many more. To access these calculators and converters, just use the menu at the top of the web and access the category that interests you. Or you can also use the search engine if you prefer.

For you and me

Our online calculators and converters are not only intended for those who are in the process of training.

We all forget a formula from time to time or we remember it but we want to save time in the calculations and avoid possible mistakes. Life is to be enjoyed and it is better to not to do by hand what can be done with tools immediately.

For example, a very useful calculator is the one that allows us to know the distance between two points (streets, cities, countries, whatever you want). Another one that will surely interest you is the tool that allows you to calculate your net salary or this one to go from pesetas to euros or vice versa.

If you have a car or a motorcycle and its fiscal power is in kilowatts, you can use our converter of KW to hp to know its equivalence in horsepower, which is the measurement we are most used to.

Pregnant and expectant parents

We have dedicated a very important section of CalculatorConverter at pregnancyWe have taken it very seriously so that you are informed at all times, with videos and highlighting the most important aspects you should know. Will it be boy or girl? find out! And keep track of your pregnancy week by week.

Do not install applications on your cell phone that you are going to use very occasionally or even only once. Add us to your favorites and join us in this adventure. We want to make your life easier and only you can help us achieve it. If you are looking for a calculatorwe have it.

In addition to all of the above, we offer advice for each of the topics we talk about. Just send us an email or write us a comment in any of our online calculators and we will be happy to answer you. You are part of Calculadora Conversor and that is why we want to make you part of it.